Friday, June 4, 2010


So our first mission has begun. What is it you ask...RECRUITING!  How do we get others to find us here(not the enemy of course)?  Let me tell you it's not that easy. Apparently it's going to be tougher to fire up the engines then I first thought! So far we have 2 new recruits but we will need many more to help us complete our mission. With that in mind I decided to go to Bing and Google. These sites are known as search engines(fire em' up). They list just about anything. You can spend hours looking for whatever you need to know about on these sites. AMAZING!

I was brought to a site called where you can list your blog. I listed SMACES there. Now we will go through an evaluation process to see if we are the type of squadron they would like to include on their site. This site could connect us with other blogs and thus help us get some new volunteer recruits. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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