Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Recruits?

Tonight some members of the squadron attended a "tweetup". For some it was their first(@smediaintern) while others (@cancerlost and @smacesblog) were veterans of this terrain. A "tweetup" as they are called are parties or gatherings where those who are on Twitter (if you are not on Twitter please do so now)meet in person. This is where the virtual world meets reality. These events can be interesting indeed. It's like everyone there is looking to find new recruits to enter into their social media world. Social media recruiters looking to score some victories if you will. Not that this is a bad thing.

While I was hoping to find a few new recruits I was really looking to find some leaders if possible. Some of the people there were real veterans of the social media battlefield. We met some really nice people like @heatherostudio @scholarandagent @canistalkyou and @mmwine and no one ever knows what will become of these meetings. 

When you are at a "tweetup" you should really pay attention to what some of these people are doing and how they are achieving success in the social media battlefield. This can help you become a social media ace much faster. I guess if I think of it while I was a recruiter there I was also really a social media spy(shhhh don't blow my cover)!

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